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A low-tax retirement is a happy retirement

Manage your investments and taxes for the long-term

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Investment risk and taxes can cut your retirement short

Retirement should be the most rewarding stage of life. Failing to manage taxes, investment expenses, market risks, and healthcare expenses can make it stressful.

You want to feel confident the you have enough to maintain your lifestyle in retirement. To do that you need a strategy that puts your money to work in a conservative way and helps you keep as much working for you as possible.

We do comprehensive retirement income planning:

  •     Projecting your needs and income sources
  •     Social Security Optimization
  •     Tax Management
  •     Mitigating the risks of medical and long term care costs
  •     Low-cost, fee-managed portfolios

We have over 30 years experience guiding people through the retirement transition and helping them maintain a successful retirement.

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Protect Your Retirement from Overtaxation

Did you know that taking withdrawals from the right accounts at the right time can potentially lead to thousands of dollars in savings?
Paying too much tax is one of the biggest risks to your retirement. Common misconceptions about tax may be costing you. Learn about the latest strategies to reduce taxes in retirement.

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Planning a successful retirement plan is easy

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Four risks that can torpedo your retirement

Protect yourself and your retirement from the four risks that can compromise it.

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    Income planning is different than accumulation planning. That’s why you may need a new advisor as you approach retirement.

    It’s similar to other areas – it makes sense to find a doctor who specializes in older patients, an attorney who focuses on eldercare, and a financial advisor who specializes in distribution planning.

    That’s why the advisor you have used for 20 years that helped you accumulate the wealth you have may not be the right person moving forward. How can you know?

    • Your advisor gives you a written income and tax projection before making a recommendation like depositing more money into your 401(k) or IRA.
    • The advice you receive includes an analysis of how your wealth is distributed over the three tax buckets – taxable accounts, tax-deferred accounts, and tax-free accounts.

    When was the last time your financial advisor asked to see a copy of your Form 1040 Federal Tax Return? If it has been a long time, you may need a new retirement income advisor.

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Distribution planning is different than accumulation planning.

In the 10 years leading to retirement a different orientation is necessary. A lot more attention needs to be paid to the downside.

That does not mean eliminating stocks.

  • It does mean having a defined exit strategy that responds to market trends.
  • It means moving your fixed income investments from bond funds to individual bonds.
  • It means incorporating guaranteed investment vehicles where appropriate.

The downside is what kills retirement. Have a well allocated portfolio but pay closer attention to mitigating losses than maximizing gains.

Taxes can be the biggest expense you have in retirement. And taxes can deplete your nest egg a lot faster than you expect.

No retirement income strategy is complete without a tax management component. Each source of revenue needs to be considered for a tax as well as income perspective.

The lack of a tax plan can accidentally push you into a new tax bracket and can make your Social Security taxable. Taxes may need to be projected and responded to years in advance. But planning to minimize tax can add years to your retirement resources.

Your Team

Stephen Wershing, CFP Photo

Stephen Wershing, CFP

Financial Advisor
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I have been in financial services over 30 years and what I love most about it is having the opportunity to change people’s lives in a positive way. Finding new ways of accomplishing that is a consistent theme in my career. Earning my certified financial planner designation back in 1991, I learned the traditional way of setting long-term goals and developing a plan to accomplish them.

What excites me most about my career is bringing together different disciplines like tax planning, risk management, cash flow analysis, and investment management to develop a strategy for clients that addresses all the issues and help make them better off.

Since starting my career in 1987, I have been a registered representative, branch manager, securities firm executive, consultant to financial advisors, speaker, and author. The opportunity to work with hundreds of other financial advisors gives me valuable insights I can apply for clients benefit.

It’s that desire to find solutions that prompted me to create field of vision financial planning, a coaching program and new approach to financial planning designed for millennials, who I consider to be an underserved group.

I live in Henrietta, New York, with my wife and middle school daughter. My wife retired from a symphony orchestra and now runs a program to bring music into the hospital setting to benefit families and help speed recovery. I love cooking and West Coast Swing. I have two older kids, a Walmart distribution center manager and a medical resident. Bicycling is my latest passion and I’m excited to have completed my first century ride in conjunction with my 60th birthday.

Cheyenne Schaller Photo

Cheyenne Schaller

Read Bio

I help support the systems and communications for the firm. When you hear from us – through a news article, blog post, podcast, or something similar – it probably came through me.

My client service skills were honed through my 4 ½ years at the Walt Disney Company. I still want to make your experience with us magical.

Outside of work, I stay active through my lifelong love of soccer. I played through school and landed one season with Orlando semi-professional women’s team Unity FC. These days I keep in touch with it through coaching and coordinating for Soccer Shots. Our local franchise enrolls over 1,000 kids.

I live in North Carolina with my fiancé Nick and our dogs Chaco and Edison.

Jan Deprospero Photo

Jan Deprospero

Read Bio

I work with people before they become clients of focused wealth advisors. If you are attending one of our education events or inquiring about some of our educational materials, you may come in contact with me.

I run an organization that supports financial advisors all over the country. Because of that experience I have presented programs at conferences about how financial advisors can effectively leverage staff.

When not working I can often be found at the beach playing in the waves with my dogs Taco and Ella or in the Florida Keys enjoying the vast marine life from my stand-up paddle board.

Jan is not affiliated with Cambridge Investment Research.

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