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Which Pension Option is best? Thumbnail

Which Pension Option is best?

If you are lucky enough to have a pension benefit, choosing which payment option to take can be intimidating. Once you choose, you generally can't change it. Are you better off with a one-time distribution of the full value or should you take monthly payments? And, if you choose monthly, are you better off with payments that last for just your life, or that continue on for a surviving spouse? Even if you are married, the best option is not necessarily obvious. Here are some principles to help you through the decision.

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Lowering Taxes in Retirement Starts Long Before Retirement Thumbnail

Lowering Taxes in Retirement Starts Long Before Retirement

Taxes can drain your retirement nest egg much faster than you anticipate. There are even some new taxes you may pay in retirement that you did not have to pay during your working years. Managing them effectively takes planning. The farther ahead you start, the more you can accomplish. It is important to get beyond the oversimplified advice to put as much in retirement plans as possible.

Investing Retirement Funding Insights